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Baroque and Classical: 17th and 18th century
(Baroque concertos generally require continuo)
Abel, Carl Friedrich (1723-87)Concerto in Cstrings
Albinoni, Tomaso Giovanni (1671-1751)Concerto op.7/4strings
Concerto in G majorstrings
Bach, Johann Christoph (1642-1703Concerto in D and G majorstrings
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)Suite in B minor BWV 1067strings
Brandenburg No2 in F major BWV 1047solo flute, oboe, violin, trumpet and strings
Brandenburg No4 in G major BWV 1049solo flute, violin and strings
Brandenburg No 5in D major BWV 1050solo flute, violin, harpsichord and stings
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel (1714-1788)Concerto in A majorstrings
Concerto in G majorstrings
Concerto in D minor Wq.22 (1747)strings
Blavet, Michel 1700-1768)Concerto in A minorstrings
Boccherini, Luigi (1743-1805)Concerto in D op. 27strings
Danzi, Franz (1763-1826)Concertos 1 in G major and 2 and 3 and D minorstrings
Devienne, Francois (1759-1803)Concertosorchestra
Donizetti, Gaetano (1797-1848)Concertinostrings
Frederick the Great (1712-1786)Concerto in D majorstrings
Gluck, Christoph Willibald (1714-1787)Concerto in G majorstrings
Dance of the Blessed Spirits, from Orfeo and Euridicestrings
Leclair, Jean-Marie (1697-1764)Concerto in C majorstrings
Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809)Concerto in D major, H. VIIf, D1, recently attributed to Leopold Hoffmannstrings
Haydn, Michael (1737-1806)Concerto in Dstrings
Hoffmeister, Franz Anton (1754-1812)Concerto in D (he wrote 25 concertos)strings
LoeilletConcerto in Dstrings
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)Concerto in G major K.313 (285c)strings, 2 oboes, 2 horns
Concerto in D major K.314 (285d)strings, 2 oboes, 2 horns
Concerto for Flute and Harp in C majorK.299 (297c)strings, 2 oboes, 2 horns
Andante in C major K.315 (285e)strings, 2 oboes, 2 horns
Rondo in C major and D majorstrings, 2 oboes, 2 horns
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (1710-1736)Concertos in D major and G majorstrings
Quantz, Joachim (1697-1773)Several Concertos: G major and C minorstrings
SalieriConcertoflute, oboe, orchestra
Concertino da camerastrings
Spohr, Louis (1784-1859)Concerto transcribed by Christian Belke in 1826 from concerto #8 for violin (1816)orchestra
Stamitz, Karl (1746-1801)Concerto in G major op 29strings
Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767)Suite in A minor and Concerto in F majorstrings
Vivaldi, Antonio (1675-1743)Concerto in D major , op. 10/3, RV439 'Il gardellino'strings
Concerto in D, Major, RV429strings
Concerto in E Minor, RV431strings
Concerto in E Minor, RV432strings
Concerto in F major, op. 10/1, RV433 'La tempesta di mare'strings
Concerto in G Major, Op. 10/4, RV 435strings
Concerto in G Major, RV436strings
Concerto in G Major, RV438strings
Concerto in G minor, op. 10/2, RV 439 'La notte'strings
Concerto in A Minor, RV440strings
Romantic and Impressionistic: 19th century
Arrieu, ClaudeConcerto
Beethoven, Ludwig van2 Romances (arr. Violin)
Borne, Francois (1840-1920)Fantaisie Brillante on Bizet's Carmenorchestra
CimarosaConcerto for 2 flutes in G major
Doppler, FranzFantaisie pastorale hongroise
Concerto in D minor for 2 flutes and orchestra
KrommerConcertos in D, G, E
Mendelssohn, FelixConcerto Op 64 bis (transcribed from the violin concerto-1844)orchestra
Mercadante( 1795-1870Concertos in D major A, E major in E minor
Reinecke, CarlConcerto in D major op 283 (1908)orchestra
Ballade Op.288orchestra
Spohr, LouisConcerto in A minor op 47
Stamitz, KarlConcerto in G major
Modern: 20th century
Arnold, Malcolm (1921-2006)No.1 Op.45strings
No.2 Op.111orchestra
Barber, Samuel (1910-1981)Concerto (violin concerto arranged for flute)
Bozza, Eugene (1905-1991)Agrestideorchestra
Benjamin, ArthurSuite for Flute
Berio, Luciano (1925-2003)Serenade for Flute and 14 instruments
Boulez, Pierre (b.1925)...explosante fixe.... solo flute, 2 horns and stings
Bernstein, Leonard (1918-1990)Halil Nocturne (1981)strings, harp and percussion
Berkeley, LennoxConcerto
Berkeley, MichaelElegie
Bennett, Richard Rodney (b.1936)Memento (1983)strings
Bloch, Ernest (1880-1959)Suite Modale
Burton, EldinConcerto
Busoni, Ferruccio Benvenuto (1866-1924Divertimento op 52 (1922)orchestra
Chaminade, Cecile (1857-1944)Concertino, Op 107 (1902)orchestra
Corigliano, John (b.1938)Pied Piper Fantasy (1981)orchestra (extra percussion)
Voyage (1971, arr.1988)strings
Damase, Jean-Michel (b.1928)Serenade
Davies, Peter Maxwell (b.1934)Strathclyde no.6orchestra without violins, flutes and oboes
Dodgson, Stephen (b.1924)Concerto
DopplerFantaisie pastorale hongroiseorchestra
Feld, Jind?ich (b. 1925)Fantaisie Concertante (1980)strings, percussion
Divertimentosolo flute and oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and strings
GoreckiCantata Op 65
Griffes (1884-1920)Poeme (1918)orchestra
Godard, BenjaminSuite of three movts. Op 116; Allegretto, Idylle, Valse (1889)orchestra
GubaidulinaConcertostrings and percussion
HansonSerenade Op. 35
Harty, Sir Hamilton (1897-1941)In Ireland, a Fantasyorchestra incl. prominent harp
HoneggerConcerto da camerasolo flute, solo cor anglais and strings
HolstFugal Concertosolo flute, solo oboe and strings
HueFantaisie (1913)orchestra
Ibert (1890-1962)Concerto (1933)orchestra
G. Jacob (1895-1984)Concerto(#1, 1951)strings
Jolivet (1905-1974)Concerto (1949)strings
Kennegh LeightonConcerto
Kennan, Kent (b.1913Night Soliloquy (1936)strings and piano
Khachaturian, Aram (1903-1978)Violin Concerto (transcribed at the composer's suggestion -1978- from the violin concertoorchestra
Liebermann, Lowell (b.1961)Concerto Op.39 (1993)orchestra
Flute and Harp concertoorchestra
Ligeti, Gyorgi (1923-2006)Double concertosolo flute, solo oboe and orchestra
Martin, Frank (1890-1974)Ballade (1944)strings and piano
Mathias, William (1934-92)Concertoorchestra
McCabe, John (b.1939)Concertoorchestra
Musgrave, Thea (b.1928)Orfeo 2strings
Nielsen, Carl (1865-1931)Concerto (1926)orchestra
Osborne, Nigel (b.1948)Concertoorchestra
Panufnik, Andrzej (1914-91)Sinfonia Concertantesolo flute, harp and strings (1973)
Hommage a Chopinorchestra
Sonata (arr.L Berkeley)
Reade, PaulConcertostrings
RodrigoConcierto pastoralflute and orchestra
SaariahoConcerto (Aile du songe)
Seiber, MatyasPastorale Burlesque
Simpson, Robert (1921-97)Concerto
Takemitsu, Toru (1930-96)"I hear the water dreaming"solo flute with orchestra, 3 percussion, 2 harps and celeste
Tower, Joan (b.1938)Concerto (1990)orchestra
Carl VinePipe Dreams