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Below you'll find a listing of upcoming concerts. The list is far from complete yet and details of more concerts will follow shortly.
Sheffield University
Feb 25th, 2.30 pm
Workshop by ensemble Arpege at the Music Department of Sheffield University
Firth Hall, Sheffield University
26 February 2008, 7.30 pm
Concert with ensemble Arpege
Programme: C.Debussy - Trio, G.Nicholson - Autumn Journey, J.W.Nelleke - EVE, G.Nicholson - Receuillement, N.Le Fanu - Night Songs, Bernstein - Candide
George Nicholson's Recueillement will be a world premiere!
St Mary's Church, Painswick, Gloucestershire
Saturday 26th April 2008, 3.00 pm
Concert with ensemble Arpege
International Flute Summer School
5 - 9 August 2007 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire
with visiting teachers Sarah Newbold, Joseph Sanders (Alexander teacher) and Lea Pearson (Body mapping teacher, author of 'Body mapping for flutists')
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